Hello! And welcome to regenevieve.


In 2015 I finally said yes to my desire to travel long term. I stuffed my pack with sketchbooks, pens, and paints, and found my way to Europe, thinking a year would be enough.

At the start I gave myself 2 challenges: improve my art, and learn how to travel with a small environmental footprint. This blog was built to record that journey. Now I hope my stories, sketches, and images kindle a desire in you to see more of this magnificent planet.

More of us should travel.

I am convinced travel is an essential ingredient for building compassionate, well rounded human beings. And this world could do with a healthier dose of empathy between neighbours.

I have always been a bit nomadic, familiar with uprooting and moving from house to house, country to country from an early age. Each change in scenery spurring me on to experience what life is like around the next bend. So perhaps that first step out the door towards a grand adventure comes a bit easier to me. But, I assure you, the world out there is not as scary as the daily news may lead you to believe.

Unsurprisingly, a year of wandering was not enough. I still feel the call to experience someplace new, to mix with different cultures, stand in awe of yet another natural wonder. I am never quite sure where I will find myself next.

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Wishing you all the best,