What is on your walls?




Are they blank? Maybe hung with a few carefully chosen pieces? Or are they covered in images which make you think deeply or smile broadly, tacked and taped to every square centimetre?

For as long as I can remember I have dreamed of owning my own home just so that I can paint a forest on the walls. In the meantime I fill sheet after sheet of paper with illustrative ink drawings and watercolour paintings inspired by the natural and wild world around us. Trees and forest critters hold a special place in my heart, when my creative juices run low a walk in the woods is undoubtedly the recharge method of choice. One day I will paint that walk in the woods onto the walls which shelter me. 

My artwork is often described as calm, lovely, and sweet, but also stunning. Ranging from the cute and playful antics of chipmunks and fuzzy birds to the fantastic and beautiful natural landscapes found in the wilderness – I capture moments which make me smile and spaces which hold me in awe.

I believe we as humans have a responsibility to take on the role of stewards of this wonderful planet. To protect the cute and fuzzy and to show respect for the fantastic and awe-inspiring. I use my art as a vehicle to advocate for those creatures and spaces who are unable to speak for themselves. It is my wish, my hope, to inspire a desire in my audience to take up the mantle of environmental stewardship and find your own way towards making this world a better place.


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