My Favourite Artistic Digital Ports of Call: 4 bloggers I love to follow

My Favourite Artistic Digital Ports of Call: 4 bloggers I love to follow

I think it is time to introduce you to some of my favourite bloggers. 


In the 6 or so months of planning before I took off in August 2015, I attempted to satisfy my urge to wander and work on my own projects with endless Google searches. I typed in every possible description that flitted the edges of my daydreams: nomadic artist; sketch artist; solo travel; travel blogger; sketch blogger … On and on it went.

Today, I still visit a handful of sites I found during those early forays. What is it that has retained my attention? What prompts me to sign up for newsletters despite my strong dislike of handing out my email address?


Each blogger has 2 key elements which keep me coming back for more:

  1. A personal story that inspires me and makes me smile.
  2. Original artwork.


It does not seem like much now that I have written it down. Perhaps to create a list with just 2 items is a bit deceiving, especially since what inspires and makes me smile can be a complicated topic. But it is quite a feat to hang on to an audience these days, when every granny and her kitten videos are vying for our spare time.

So, this is my attempt to say  thank you  for the work these fine artists put into their digital spaces.


The Blogs I Follow:

Candace Rose Rardon – Candace’s blog of travel sketches and stories was a source of encouragement when I started to think about doing something similar with my own wanderings. This was also the first blog newsletter I convinced myself to sign up for.

Danny Gregory – When people express to me a longing to draw as I do, I send them to Danny’s blog for encouragement. His focus on ‘Art Before Breakfast’ is right on the money. You have got to make time for it folks! And why not start with those few moments before breakfast?

Dalene & Pete Heck at Hecktic Travels – These two Canadians are a hoot. Pete’s photography is pure eye candy and Dalene’s personable writing style describing their adventures makes me feel as though I am listening to her in person as opposed to reading words on a screen.

Katie at The Travelling Light – Katie’s attention to detail in her photographs and accompanying prose is a delight to my senses. I admire how she captures and conveys the essence of where ever she happens to be with so few words and yet leaves me feeling satisfied.

I suspect that if you have been enjoying my artistic contributions you will also find someone in the list above to add to your own digital ports of call.

Have any blogs you would like to share? I would love to hear about them. Please leave your suggestions in the comments bellow.


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  1. Sylvia

    I looked at 2 of the artists’ sites and it feels like “art overload.” Such creativity and amazing talent. Thanks for sharing.

    • Genevieve

      Hello Kate! What a great space, thanks for the recommendation. =) Genevieve


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